Monday, May 24, 2010

The Poem

The following is a poem written about me, as if it was me saying it (hope that makes sense). Anyway, I thought it was cool and wanted to share it.

"My name is Heiser and I teach history.
I lie everyday about what, that's a mystery.
All you have to do is listen very well
'Cuz guess what I'm never gonna tell.
It could be about the lesson or even my hair
for all you know it could be about the fair.
At the end of the class if you don't find the lie
you got til tomorrow, cuz you only get 1 try.
Some kids like it, some kids don't care
Some kids think its just not fair.
I see you tomorrow try and find my lie
So get your book and computer and give it one more try!"

What can I say?

Next post: How did I do? (turning the tables presentations)

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